A Carbon Fiber Redesign

Recently the decision to enhance the wing ...stronger and lighter weight... had us  building a wing from Carbon Fiber.   We used a similar technique for making the "nose" mold as we had been forming the aluminum and foam "nose".  We were pleased with the strength that this design gave us. 

Using the vaccum bagging molding technique we were able to create even a lighter and stronger wing nose section weighing just over 4# for a 12' "nose"section.  This strength also allows us to eliminate 2/3 of the mast saving another 5# with the Carbon Fiber Design. The carbon fiber allowed an overall 25% reduction in weight with an increase in durability and appearance.

Recently we sailed the first wing of this design on a Laser with great results...even in a gusty 15 to 20 knot wind. Watch the slide show...

A Big Project?

I have been asked how long would it take for someone to build this Wing Sail design...

After building several wings of this design it takes me about one week to finish... a lot of the time is spent waiting for glues or paints to dry.  And I have my own metal brake, which keeps me from chasing around to get the aluminum bent.

With the Clysar that has been a new material for the sheeting, it has simplified the final step using Heat Shink techniques.  Main problem is the amount of material that comprises a minimum order covers 100 wings. I can supply the heat shrink material for individual wing systems. I have 2 Mil and 3 Mil Clysar material for sale... and 5 Mil mylar also ...contact me for your requirements.